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Friday, November 18 at 11 am Pacific

This webinar prepares any Elementary Educator to incorporate Service Learning into the curriculum with no stress.

"An excellent quality resource that students loved!! Thank you for a well made, fun, easy to use resource, that worked so well in my classroom!!" --- "What a great way to encourage positive relationships in the classroom! Thank you!" --- "Thank you for creating an awesome resource to stress and teach about kindness! I appreciate your efforts and look forward to using it with my students!" --- "What a wonderful resource to manage a service project. The workbook covers every part of managing a project from managing the volunteers, event management to organizing media and outreach to the community. This is essential to a well thought out and managed project." ---

Webinar Agenda

These questions (and more!) are answered during this 75 minute interactive session that also provides educators with 5 no-prep lesson plans that introduce service learning to your students.

  • What is Service-Learning? How do I start?

  • How can service-learning support my curriculum and standards?

  • Will my students enjoy service-learning?

  • Is there an easy way to introduce service-learning in my classroom or at my school?

  • Can I start a service-learning program with little or no budget?

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Bonus: The Complete Service Project Coordinator Workbook - Developing Student Leaders through Volunteerism
  • 2

    Planning Calendar

    • 2022-2023 Monthly Calendar with Kindness, Service, and Awareness Days
  • 3

    Service Project Ideas for National Service Days

    • 9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance
    • Holiday Themed Service Projects
    • MLK Day of Service
  • 4

    Challenge Cards

    • Printable Cards: 15 Easy Kindness Activities
  • 5

    Take Home Resources

    • Winter Break Boredom Busters - Kindness Activities pg 1
    • Winter Break Boredom Busters - Kindness Activities pg 2
    • Winter Break Boredom Busters - Kindness Activities pg 3
    • Winter Break Boredom Busters - Kindness Activities pg 4
    • Winter Break Boredom Busters - Kindness Activities pg 5
  • 6


    • 12 Ways to Fund your Service Projects
  • 7

    Classroom Management

    • Classroom Management Tips that Encourage your Students to be Kind
    • Consequence Worksheet - Editable in PowerPoint
  • 8

    BONUS: Ebook - Service Project Coordinator Workbook

    • workbook

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Prepare now for the new semester that will make a huge difference in your students' lives.