Here’s what I already know about you.

You are passionate and purpose driven. You want to make a difference in your community.

You are a high-acheiver and want to use your skills and talents to serve a greater purpose. You want to be an Agent of Change and provide solutions to problems and injustices around you. You want to get clear on your vision and how to make the most positive impact you can You want to leave a legacy… This Complete Guide for Student Leaders to Plan Impactful Service Projects is THE step-by-step course for the driven student who is serious about creating positive change that lives on long after you leave campus.

What you get with the course:

  • Ebook Resources

    When you enroll you will have the Service Project Coordinator Ebook available to download.

  • Mini Lessons

    36 Mini Lessons are available for you to complete at your own pace. Review them over and over with continued access to the course.

  • Online Community

    Course participants can join an online community to discuss ideas and best practices. Get feedback on the service programs you are planning.

Delegate More!

Every great Student Leader training will help you delegate better so you can use your time better.

I need this!